In these days when meeting together as a body of believers is not an option, the needs of the mission of The Salvation Army is still prevalent.
Donating today can cover the cost of food, baby needs and other items that those left vulnerabe can benefit from. Monies donated here to the Family Services/Food Bank will stay in Orillia and the surrounding area for Family Services and Food Bank purposes only.
Concerning tithes and offerings to our church, we ask that if you are able, you submit your tithes either to the secure locked mail slot at the Corps building or by clicking on the link below and submitting your tithes and offereings online. 
If you are giving through the mail slot we do ask to do so by cheque only for security purposes.
To give electronically by a secure server through the THQ website:
  1. Click on the link below
  2. Click the first drop down menu to choose the province
  3. Next, click on the drop down menu and scroll down to choose Orillia Corps as the Unit
  4. Then fill out the rest of the page accordingly
  5. You can either choose a one time gift or monthly giving